About this website

This website is an on-line appendix accompanying Piet Mondrian – The Complete Writings, compiled by Louis Veen, and published by Primavera Pers, Leiden (the Netherlands) in 2017.

Over the past fifteen years a considerable amount of documentation concerning Mondrian’s writings has been collected. We decided to publish the painter’s writings in their original languages and wording in print, and to make the remaining documentation available online. In the book, each Mondrian text is preceded by basic information: title, source(s), date, period of writing, publications in the original language or in translation, secondary literature, and relevant images.

However, if you want to learn more about Mondrian’s writings, this Digital Appendix can be of great help. The most important parts of the Appendix are ‘Documentary-edited sources’ and ‘Comments’. Under ‘Documentary-edited sources’ you will find documentary-edited versions of the selected source(s) that show all of Mondrian’s corrections and/or deletions. The book edition presents ‘clean’ versions with the deletions removed and the corrections incorporated. The ‘Selected Source(s)’ text allows you to see all of Mondrian’s interventions. It should be kept in mind, however, that in many cases no (corrected) manuscript remains and only a publication has come down to us. Under ‘Comments (in Dutch)’ you will find additional information about each text. It is our intention to have these comments translated into English in the future.

Book and website truly complement each other; the reader will benefit most from the information provided if (s)he uses both. Together they will serve as a sound basis for further research and a reliable source for future translations.